Annual Accounts

Bytemark publishes its unabbreviated annual accounts here to show our company performance over the years.

Taxation policy

Bytemark’s business is private but (like any private UK firm) our success is built on our society’s public infrastructure and goodwill. Our company always offers its full, uncomplicated compliance with public taxation to ensure that UK society, government and law continue to function.

Therefore we will not undertake transactions:

  • that would require notification under the Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes Regulations;
  • with the main aim of securing tax advantages that our trade alone would not attract;
  • to subsidiaries or accounts in countries where we do not engage in trade or employment.

And we will:

  • represent our business transactions in the most truthful and obvious manner;
  • pay all taxes due from those representations;
  • arrange our business in ways that reduce our liability without compromising any of the above principles;
  • publish our annual accounts in such a way that our tax computations can be understood and replicated.

Annual accounts

Year endingDocuments
31 July 2017
31 July 2016
31 July 2015
31 July 2014
31 July 2013
31 July 2012
31 July 2011