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One company across two locations

DatacenterDynamics Awards EMEA 2013
Bytemark hosts its customers’ servers over two sites: YO26 & Delta House. Together with our national network, these sites allow us to build highly-available hosting solutions.

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Our York data centre YO26


York, United Kingdom

YO26 is our fully-owned data centre in York. It has been designed and built completely to our own technical specifications and business requirements. We control every single aspect of the service — from the land to the power, network and servers.

Our site was nominated as a finalist in the DatacenterDynamics EMEA 2013 “Innovation in Medium Datacenter” category for its low power design built around fresh air cooling.

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Manchester Data Centre

Delta House

Manchester, United Kingdom

Our second hosting location is in Manchester, where we have a cage of servers and half of our core network.

Delta House is owned by TeleData, a leading provider of data centre services, so we are able to use their capacity to expand quickly where customers require a diverse solution.

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