Diversity Statement

We value diversity

Bytemark is an equal opportunities employer. This page details our view on diversity, why and how we pursue it as a goal.

What is diversity?

Diversity includes, but is not limited to, differences in racial or ethnic classifications, age, religious and spiritual beliefs, physical abilities, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, intelligence, mental health, physical health, genetic attributes, behaviour, attractiveness, and other identifying personal features.

Why do we bother; isn’t discrimination already illegal?

We want to build talented teams at Bytemark, which we believe cannot exclude people from diverse backgrounds.

Studies have shown1–4 that teams which are diverse are more creative and productive. Members of a diverse team feel less inhibition to share new ideas or to pursue unconventional paths in their work. We want to build diverse teams at Bytemark by ensuring we don’t consciously or unconsciously exclude new staff from our hiring process.

We value diversity of experience (though not necessarily diversity of talent!). We often have vacancies for new staff, and value their perspective, which is often complementary to a customer’s point of view. This helps us improve our policies, our interfaces, and all of our communications. Whether you have extensive experience, are just starting out, or are somewhere in the middle, we believe you have skills and insight to offer and we want to hear from you.

How do we promote diversity within Bytemark?

  • We are equal opportunity employers, and do not discriminate on gender, sexual identity or any aspect not related to the work at hand. To aid equal opportunities, we created an anonymous recruitment process.

  • We listen, accept, and accommodate people’s preferred pronouns, schedules, dietary needs and any other preference or requirement as part of their desire to feel safe, comfortable, included and welcome at work and beyond.

  • We encourage pairing at Bytemark (although is not required or always necessary for a project), as we’ve found that matching less experienced employees with more experienced ones often leads to great results in productivity, learning and team communication.

  • We actively work on becoming aware of and adjusting for any unconscious biases in our work and in our communications.

Our policy is never final. We welcome advice on how we can improve. If there’s any aspect of our communication that unintentionally discriminates or otherwise needs improvement, please let us know!

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