Our Manifesto

A better hosting company

Bytemark operate on principles that we have established over our last 16 years of operation. We looked back to find what we’d always done consistently and decided these must be our guiding principles. They now form our manifesto for a better hosting company:

We build our expertise in-house

To get the best results for our customers, we need to understand every operational detail of our company. So we build rather than buy, and learn whenever there’s an opportunity to do so — even when doing that takes longer or costs more money.

Deep knowledge of our subject makes us a stronger, more accountable and expert company.

We are transparent in pricing and operation

We’ve always built quotations on list prices rather than the “need to know” approach favoured by some aggressive competitors.

We’ve also detailed every outage since 2005 to our forums, and we don’t hide details of how we operate. We post our annual accounts every year to show our continuing success, stability and corporate citizenship.

We unconditionally support Free software

Linux and the Free software ecosystem is at the absolute heart of most internet companies. They are at the core of Bytemark too, and so we give back with a discount for anyone publishing Free software using our network.

We also sponsor conferences
and donate to Free software funding drives.

We offer the best technology at fair prices

We’ve invested millions of pounds in our network and hosting hardware. That’s for our customers’ benefit and we make sure that every facility is available to them.

We set a fair price for our services based on the low fundamental costs of us providing them and we quote only from published list prices.

We plan long-term products for long-term customers

It’s important that our customers can rely on our products for decades, not just months and years. We have been in business since 2002, and we have the perspective and products to help our customers plan long-term, lasting setups.

As our business grows, we plan for smooth migrations. When it comes to renewals, we update our list prices, and we don’t gouge.

We’re here for the long run: we won’t break your hosting just to suit our bottom line.

All Bytemark people speak for Bytemark

We support the decisions and promises that Bytemark staff make on behalf of the company. Our staff help create the principles we work by; we only recruit people who understand the importance of these values like we do.

Whenever you call Bytemark for anything, they always have time to tell you what’s going on. We’ve never had the fob off or felt fobbed off.
John Sniadowski, Truebox