Our network

Designed to weather stormy days

Our national network is built with resilience in mind. Through careful design and planning, we’ve created a network that is intended to handle much more traffic than we are ever likely to see in normal conditions.

Our core and data centre networks benefit from 10Gbps of connectivity and are designed to transparently tolerate the failure of any link or piece of equipment.

This means we’re always prepared for when your website goes viral on social media sites or you experience heavy website traffic owing to advertising, product launches, and other media events.

Oh, and of course, we support IPv6 as standard.

Bytemark's National Network


  • Our own multi-homed network under AS number 35425
  • Points of presence in Manchester, Leeds, York and London
  • Transit supplied by multiple Tier 1 providers with routes avoiding London
  • We peer widely in the UK, including with the country’s top 6 ISPs
  • IPv6 as standard

Transit suppliers

  • NTT
  • GTT
  • Cogent

Peering points

  • LINX
  • IXManchester
  • IXLeeds
Torchbox Ltd, Digital Agency
In five years I’ve had zero unplanned downtime. But what I like best about Bytemark is their polite, prompt and knowledgeable support.


  • The RIPE NCC provides Internet resource allocations


    The RIPE NCC is one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) providing Internet resource allocations, registration services, and coordination activities that support the operation of the Internet globally.

  • Nominet manages the .uk domains and registry.


    Founded by five people in 1996, Nominet is a non-profit company who undertake the management of the .uk domains and registry.

  • LINX is an internet service provider


    Linx is an established internet service provider and content delivery service provider for operating separate networks in London and Manchester (IX Manchester).

  • LONAP is a Layer-2 Internet Exchange Point (IXP)


    LONAP is a Layer-2 Internet Exchange Point (IXP) providing the physical infrastructure and connections for its members who exchange traffic with each other efficiently.

  • IXLeeds is a neutral not-for-profit Internet Exchange Point (IXP)

    IX Leeds

    IXLeeds is a neutral not-for-profit Internet Exchange Point (IXP) based in Leeds and provides a Layer-2 platform to connect and share IP traffic using BGP-4.