Privacy Statement

Bytemark is a company that respects privacy of, and ownership of data. This privacy statement explains what data we collect, and for what purposes we use it.

What information we collect

The information we collect depends on your relationship with us. You may be a customer; someone interested in our news and marketing information; a visitor to our website, or a potential employee. We have listed the different information we collect in sections below.

Website visitors

If you are visiting our website then we will store pieces of information in your browser called cookies. These cookies are used for two purposes:

  • To track which pages you visit on our website. We use this information to change the layout and content of our site to make it more effective at presenting the information visitors are looking for. If you do not want us to track your behaviour on our site then you can tell your browser to request that we do not track you, and our website will respect these requests.
  • To enable features on our website. We use this to enhance the experience you receive when using our site; as an example we have a pricing calculator for our Cloud servers, and when you go from there to sign up for an account the specification of the machine you were browsing is transferred to the order form.

We do not attempt to determine from the tracking information the identity of anyone visiting the site.


When you sign up for a Bytemark account to become a customer we will collect further information about you. We will collect:

  • Your name
  • Company name and company details
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Credit card details

We use this information to fulfill our contract with you, among other things we will use it to:

  • to send you invoices, reminders and statements.
  • to contact you about technical issues.
  • to verify your details where we suspect fraudulent use of our services.
  • to verify your details when you contact us for technical support.
  • to notify you of changes to terms and conditions.

We will also use this information to notify you of feature changes to the platform that you have service on. If a communication from us is not strictly necessary to us providing you with service, then we will always provide an option to not receive further similar messages.

When you are a customer of ours you will likely be renting a server from us. The data contained on the server is your data, and not ours. We act as a processor, and only process the data on your server with direct instruction from you. We take strenuous effort to ensure that only you can access the disc images backing your hosting products. As part of the sign-up process you are able to read our terms of service which contains a section where we detail how we process your data and the security measures we have in place.

We will not give these images to any other party without thoroughly confirming the request (and its consequences) with you by email.

The only exception to this policy is when Bytemark are presented with a legitimate legal warrant. In this instance we have notable exceptions to this policy:

  • we may have to provide some of all your data to law enforcement authorities without informing you, and
  • we may have to make your hosting products unavailable to you while we perform this operation.

Where this occurs:

  • we will only comply with the letter of any order, filtering and removing extraneous data.
  • we will inform you of the order, if we are able, as soon as we can after making your discs unavailable, or immediately after we have provided the data.

The reason that we must do this in secret is because by informing you of information that you may not want us to release, you might choose to delete the information we’ve been requested to retrieve. That deletion would risk putting Bytemark in contempt of court, and leave its directors open to prosecution.

Prospective employees

Bytemark’s careers site provides prospective employees with a way to apply for positions at the company.

The first two stages of our job application process is intentionally anonymous, so we should not be in receipt of any personally-identifiable information until the third and final stage.

During the first two stages, we may use your phone number to contact you for the purposes of offering interviews and employment.

Unsuccessful applications will be kept for no longer than 6 months after the applicants have been notified of our decision to not move forward with the hiring process.

In the event that we wish to keep an application for future reference (e.g., in case we wish to consider the applicant for another post in the future), we will notify the applicant that their application data will be kept on file for up to one year. We will comply with any request by applicants to not have their details retained.

Marketing subscriber

If you wish to receive marketing communication from us, we will collect your name and email address, and at the time of collection you will explicitly consent to receive communications from us. We will:

  • use this information to send you emails with details of products and services that we think you may be interested in.
  • stop sending you emails after twelve months unless you explicitly choose to receive them again.
  • never sell your details to anyone else.
  • stop sending you emails as soon as you notify us you do not wish to receive them.

The way we handle your data for marketing reasons doesn’t change whether you are a customer or not. Even as a customer you would still need to give us permission to send you marketing emails.