Simplified Load Balancing

Build for scale, increase performance and add redundancy

What is load balancing?

Load balancers algorithmically distribute incoming network traffic efficiently across a group of cloud servers.

This ensures that the servers are used in a way which maximises speed, capacity and availability.

Typical use cases include ensuring the continued performance of high traffic websites, protecting critical infrastructure and provisioning for fluctuating traffic levels.

Load Balancers at Bytemark

Start with simple load balancing from £6 per month
You will be billed from £0.19 per day

Easy to use

Configure your load balancers using the Bytemark Panel, with no code or complicated configuration required.
Simply select your target instances, point your web traffic at the load balancer and we’ll handle the rest.

Instantly scale

To scale your application, simply add new target instances to your load balancer within Panel. Add an unlimited number according to your needs.

Integrate with our API

You can also create load balancers using the Bytemark Cloud API, enabling dynamic on-demand scaling for our advanced users.

Health checks included

We’ll intelligently distribute traffic between the target instances, automatically health-checking a path of your choice on each instance before routing traffic to it.

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