Managed Kubernetes

Enterprise Kubernetes Management at Bytemark

Let our experts take away the pain of infrastructure maintenance using our reliable, fully managed Kubernetes platform.

K8s with your business in mind

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For enterprise businesses, the top IT priorities for the next 12 months are to reduce costs, improve endpoint security and invest in technologies that support scalable, portable and high-availability applications.

Kubernetes is fast becoming the standard system for managing containerised applications across multiple hosts and provides standardised mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling.

A fully-managed Kubernetes solution is perfect for organizations that...

  • Want to focus on developing their applications or services, not managing their infrastructure
  • Don’t have a dedicated site reliability engineering (SRE) team but want high availability
  • Don’t have resources to host and monitor their clusters
  • Want to ensure predictable recurring costs to help control budgets
  • Want to ensure 24/7 access to an experienced Kubernetes support team

Our expert team can help you at every step

  1. Application design upgrades/transition to microservices
    If you need help moving to microservices, our Kubernetes Certified Service Providers will work with your team to re-architect your application(s) into microservices optimised to run on a containerised platform.
  2. Application migration
    Let our team take care of a painless and secure migration of existing services onto our Kubernetes platform.
  3. Kubernetes installation and deployment
    Our team will build and deploy a Kubernetes solution that fits your application needs.
  4. Managed cluster services
    We manage and operate your clusters so you don’t have to.
  5. Ongoing 24/7 operations support
    Our expert team is on hand at any time of day to ensure your clusters remain available and secure.

Why Choose Bytemark

UK specialists in building bespoke solutions for end-to-end management of your Kubernetes Cluster

Engineered, operated and supported by Bytemark on our fully-owned and operated infrastructure

FeaturesBytemark K8sAmazon Web Services EKSGoogle Cloud Platform GKEAzure AKS
Dedicated nodes
Price match (excluding credits and promotions)
RKE (Rancher) support
24/7 UK support
Add dedicated hardware for high CPU/GPU needs
Predictable monthly or daily billing
Full management
Infrastructure Level Security + ISO 27001
15 years of hosting and cloud expertise2003200620082010

Take Full Advantage of the Benefits of Kubernetes

Empower developers to deploy to production on day one

Auto-restoration and version control ensures teams can recover almost instantly from errors and pipeline failures

Let your development teams ship faster (& safer)

Deliver features at high velocity with immutability, declarative configuration and self healing systems

Increase efficiency to reduce costs

Automatically scale applications based on load, memory usage or other factors

Modernise your application design

Build and deploy reliable, scalable distributed applications

Control operations and code through pull requests

Operate, recover and observe using Git

An End to End Kubernetes Platform

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