Network Services

Everything you need to run your servers efficiently

You can rely on our suite of network services to support your virtual and physical servers. Bytemark customers get the run of our network without provisioning everything themselves or dealing with complex interfaces.

Domains and DNS

Register a domain name though our control panel, and use our three distributed DNS servers keep you up and running.

More about domains & DNS

Private networking

If you need to build close-knit services between many servers, a private network is a must, allowing groups of virtual or physical servers to communicate securely through our fast switched network.

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Multi-site networking

For the ultimate in high availability, Bytemark can install your servers in both its Manchester and York data centres.

Please contact our support team to discuss multi-site options.

IPv6 connectivity

All our servers come with IPv6 addresses configured and ready to use. If you use our Symbiosis system all of your domains will get IPv6 addresses automatically.

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