Private networks

Private networking: Secure clusters, private clouds and more.

Our private networking services let you build resilient and secure clusters in one of our data centres.

Here’s just a short list of the possibilities:

  • Load balance to multiple servers
  • Replicate between database hosts
  • Reassign IP addresses to any of your servers (whether Cloud or Dedicated)
  • Use Distributed Replicated Block Device to put data in two places at once
  • Managed your own “Private cloud” setups using OpenStack or Ganeti

Private network

A private network (VLAN) costs only £20 per month.

This will let you take advantage of server clustering and set up fast, secure communication between the systems without taking the same security precautions as you might take across the internet.


A firewall is an important line of defence in keeping your servers and applications secure, and costs £10 per month.

Firewalls enforce a policy to and from your network, so your servers don’t need to put up defences individually. This stops configuration mistakes from exposing services and data by accident.

Load balancing

We can redirect individual TCP services to servers on your private network for £5 per VLAN per month.

Our load balancers test each server ever few seconds and will remove any that are not returning a configurable test page.