Billing Terms & Conditions

Bytemark delivers invoices by email to the customer for periods of service in advance, and expects them to be paid within 5 working days unless otherwise agreed in writing.

We may cut off or restrict access to services without warning in the following situations which the customer should take special care to avoid:

  • if the customer does not pay an invoice on time
  • if the customer’s email address bounces critical messages from Bytemark, or otherwise malfunctioning (particularly if it is marking Bytemark’s emails as spam)
  • if a hosting product is causing damage or causing a nuisance to other networks

Bytemark will generally attempt to warn customers in advance of cutting customers off but the customer must be aware that it is their responsibility to avoid these situations, and Bytemark will not take responsibility for the consequences of acting in the above situations.

Customers should expect to receive an emailed receipt for every payment they have made, and are strongly advised to contact Bytemark if they do not receive a receipt for a payment that they have made within 14 days.

Customers must monitor the bandwidth used by the services operating on their account, and must pay for any excess fees due. Bytemark will notify customers in the event of excess fees becoming due, and may, if no suitable arrangements have been put in place in advance, restrict or limit the bandwidth available to a hosting product if the customer has not signalled their expectation of excess bandwidth fees. However Bytemark do not guarantee any limit of liability, and customers must be prepared to pay for the full volume of traffic to and from their hosting products’ designated IP addresses.

Unless otherwise stated, all cancellations require 7 days notice.

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